Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Latest News on UPSR and PMR

There u go!!Finally everything is well said and sorted out by the academic geniuses after 4 hours of overwhelming discussions, they decided NOT to abolish the UPSR and PMR exams!!!

Fuhh!!!! thats quite a relief for me... both as parent and teacher!u can read my first reactions when i heard that they want to abolished those two exams here.

So , last night and this morning everything is settled when the 'wisemen' concluded that those two school exams need not be abolished but just need some improvement! Well..yes!! that is what i am trying to voice ouT! Upgrade the teachers' ability, improve the curriculum!Improvise the syllabus but don't abolish the exams!!!

Again i stress out here... don't look at it as a mere unimportant school exams...look at the psychological impacts of our children! Look at the exams through our children's eyes!! Don't perceive it through the lazy teachers' or lazy pupils' point of view!!

this is the pic showing how enthusiastics is the children who will be sitting for UPSR exam this year..
this is my daughter. her interest in school emerges when she learns that UPSR come only once in her life!!! ahaks...

Eventhough i am an educator myself, i still blame myself for all those lazy students who fail to succeed in their studies. i blame myself for not being able to change their attitude. i blame myself for not being able to make them aware of the importance of education in their lives!

And because of those failures too..i keep on asking myself..should i still be a teacher if i fail to educate children? And because of those failures too i keep on trying to improve myself so that i still value myself as an educator...Shouldn't all educators feel that way?? instead of blaming all the failures to students?


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  1. Yup, it's kinda relieved, knowing that they won't abolish those exams.

    in my opinion, memang kite kurg improve out education system. Then, diorg kate nk buang exam tu. macam bg honeymoon pd bdk2 yg tak septtnye.



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