Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Dang People!!!!

Nguhahahha....ok..actually i read about a post about Tarik Traffik Murahan Dengan Tajuk Gempak Tapi Isi Sampah through  sikenit's blog... i tried lah...huhuhu...i come out dgn the title I DANG PEOPLE because i think usually nuffnangers would NANG others right??? ahakss...but sincerely says...I NEVER DANG people until today lorr...even though my fingers ni traseee le sesangat nk tekan button dang it out of curiosity nk tau after effect x sampai ati dowh!!!

really love this two guys!!!
p/s: errrr.....saje experiment...rs2 entry ni masuk kategori sampah x? LOLs


  1. aiyo..dont dang me plsssss :-P

  2. be kind and nang, nang, nang! ;D

  3. aiyo...dont put me in your dang's list... :P

  4. @alls : hahhaha..gengs dont worry la..i would never dang my followers!!! :D thanks a zillion for commenting!!!Lov ya guys!!!


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