Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MUST READ: A Letter Of Concern From The Selangor Chief Police Car THIEF

You must have heard about the car thief who took the Selangor chief police car a few weeks (maybe nearly a month) back right? If not you can read it here.. heee.... and we had also known that the thief had kindly returned back the car the next day after the incident had been broadcasted all over the media.. can read here .. what most of us don't know is that along with the apology note saying "Sorry PDRM tersilap sapu."  

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  There was also a letter (kinda funny also) .... hahahha...mind you that i encounter this letter while i blogwalk to this blog ..

Dear Datuk,

I really did not know that it was your car. Please believe me that I really did not realise that it was a police chief’s official car. However, why was it my target among so many cars in Selangor? Moreover, it was only an ordinary Proton. Please do not blame me. Even though it was an inadvertence, there was a reason behind it.

Our industry has been rapidly grew in recent years and there are markets for new, old, domestic, imported, luxury and ordinary cars. Even if it is just an old Proton, some of its parts can still be sold for money. That was also why your car was targeted that day. Please do not blame the poor anti-theft system, and do not be angry with the additional car security system.

In fact, these devices are just decorations for car thieves in Malaysia. They are not even a challenge for us. Even for expensive security equipment, which is usually installed in luxury cars with satellite tracking system that can stop engine operation, we can still break it within the first 10 minutes, drive it onto a container another 10 minutes later, send it to Port Klang after another 20 minutes and it takes another 10 minutes to ship it to foreign country. As for your car, it required only 2 minutes.

The business is too good while the crime detection rate…I am sorry, but I think we do not need to mention more about it. In terms of the rate of return, it is indeed a non-risky business with extraordinarily high returns that does not require any capital at all. It is certainly the most promising industry in Malaysia with the largest development space. Even during the national economic doldrums, it can still contribute to the country’s economic growth.

For example, the second-hand spare parts market, from engines to cup holders, is largely relying on our supply. Also, we can earn a lot of foreign exchange if we sell the cars to foreign countries. The high stolen car rate and low crime detection rate also led to the development of the insurance industry. We should also be credited for the increase of premiums.

Datuk, if you do not want your car to be stolen again next time, the only way is to write a note stating your identity and display it on your dashboard. We would be very delighted to give you our full cooperation. Also, I saw that police forensic officers were trying to search for clues in the car. It was a tough work for them for sure. I forgot to leave another note to tell you that I had actually asked someone to thoroughly wash your car for a few times. If fingerprints are found, you may get the samples from the Immigration. They belong to a Bangladesh. I had removed the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your car to avoid leaving any record. Initially, I was planning to install a more advanced system for you, but as I was in a bit of rush this time, so maybe next time. If you suddenly find a new navigation system in your car one day, please take it as a gift from me. You do not have to know when your car is being touched again and I promise, I will not cause any damage to the lock of the door any more next time.

As for the command baton, just give it to me as a souvenir. I like it very much as every night before going to bed, I can imagine myself waving the baton and leading the Royal Malaysian Police to work hard.

P/S: I think it is time for you to change another car!

Yours sincerely,

Car thief

 I was not sure of the truthfulness of the letter but if it is would be really scary right???


  1. The mention of crime detection rate makes me laugh. Hah!Hah! What else the public can we hope for when the CPO can't even protect his own car.

  2. ngahhahah (evil laugh) actually the entry is quite sarcastic!!! danging the Malaysian system in a polite way la bro..hak hak hak... (evil)


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