Thursday, June 3, 2010

Contest I Join: Rice Crisps By Mister Potato Review

I am always an adventurous person... I like adventure movies compared to love stories (even though sometimes I do 'layan jiwang' with some of the love stories on Astro..hik2..).. plus... i enjoy watching heroic-ancient-witchcraft movies event though some people said these are only for teenagers!!ye ke?naaaaaaaa...... tipu! i regard myself as teenagers lah kan?hek2...cute me...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............... LOL

I am the person who is addicted to television...heeeeee.... i rarely go to cinema, but I loveeeeeeeeee watching almost anything on TV!!!hahahha..that includes advertisement yeh!!I watch many kinds of adverts..such as this..

Did you realize that there are more adverts about snack during movies on TV compared to other products???hekksss..
Ok, speaking about the Screen n Snack session with Nuffnang and Mister Potato which i was not invited...hehehhe..because i didn't send any application for it and also..if i do send..still i wont be able to i might as well try this shot to win something from mister potato...heeee.... *shy2 cat smile*

But hey!!!Don't u ever..ever think that i didn't watch the movie hah!!!ahaks...even though i am not the cinema goers..but still i do label myself as movie-goers..ahakss.... i will make sure that i still among the first to know ups and downs of the hell/heaven happen in the new movies...ecececcecehhh....carry my own basket eh... ahaks... no matter how..i will make sure i'll get my eyes on the new movie...hek..(errr....including have to buy pirate DVD or download from internet..lalallalallalala..... XOXOXO)..

same lorrr.... if there's any new snacks out in the market...i'll make sure i'll be the first to try out you know the pleasure of eating snacks and watching movies on TV?Goshhh..its soooooooooooo heaven plus if you sit on your own couch or grazing lazily on the soft carpet in front of the TV...huhuhu...that's what i call..heaven on earth!!! hak hak hak...

Don't believe it??Let me highlight one of my favorite dialogue...heeeeee...

"There's a secret government killing activity? That's why i don't pay taxes..."

hahhahaha...guess whose line is it?ahakss... its funny yet sarcastic to American Government i guess...huk2..

Ok...since i didn't get my hands on the FREEEEEEEEEEEEE Rice Crisp Mister Potato...huhuhuhu... i guess i have to go buy it myself lorrr!!! comes my models....(WARNING: ALL MODELS ARE SUFFERING FROM TIREDNESS, UNFRESHNESS AND EXHAUSTION DUE TO DEHYDRATION AND FATIGUE AFTER WHOLE DAY OF WORKING AND SCHOOLING ACTIVITIES) * from alinworld model agency* hak hak hak

Ok..that's my review ...but  


Caution: This is not a model from alinworld agency..hik2

Let me tell you more about this crunchy-munchy, chewy, appealing, divine, mouth watering, melt in my mouth (not exactly melting..its more like disappearing? ahakss)  rice crisp by mister potato..the nutrition fact? hurrmmm lets contains 20% less fat and are cholesterol and trans fat free... but for me..wut the heck!!! i go for the taste...hahahha....more info..this snack comes in different heavenly delicious flavor:

                                                                       Original flavor
Hot & Spicy flavor
 Sour Cream and Onion


Flame Grilled BBQ

yummy right???? hek hek..but most of all....the very utmost important for all Muslims in Malaysia...

Mister Potato Rice Crispy is....

Taraaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Halal maaaaaaaaa!!!! i should end my entry...hik2 daaaaaaaaa


  1. lol! 100% halal! good for everyone :D

  2. @eggyolks: heeeeeeeeee....yep i should correct that...good for everyone..thanks for visiting dear!!!

  3. alin... assalammualaikum

    dah terasa diri ini akan kalah... sedih aaa!! nak nangis jauh2...

    apa pun best entri ni berbanding entri mr potato saya..
    tu pun, saya first time masuk contest nuffnang..

    good luck ya

  4. @ a kl citizen: alaaa kak..cube nasib jek... rezki masing2..ape pun thanks for visiting ye kak!! dtg lg...jenguk menjenguk blog sesama..


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